Whether you are vegan or not, we assumed some months ago now, that vegan options should be on our menu, just to offer some more variety of tastes, and, of course to please vegan people that were more and more to visit Datli. 

But how to make a vegan lahmacun and pide without any animal products (which actually meant how to get far away from the classical versions of these typical turkish items) ??

Thinking about the ingredients that could have a good texture to be spread on the lahmacun or turkish pizza dough, we quickly realized that beetroot would be a good choice both in terms of taste and colour :)

For some days, the whole staff was jumping around the kitchen and oven because of the excitement that this new project brought into the restaurant... After some trials with different combinations of vegetables, and after having invited so many friends to get their advices we got there : beetroot will be married to Jerusalem artichoke. The whole fusion's taste will be raised by some small drops of truffle oil while some wild mushrooms (previously cooked with... garlic in olive oil... of course !!!) would lay on the top of the pink mixture.

-- For the small story - and obviously if you got to know us a bit already- these mushrooms come from the wild İda mountains where we get them from the villagers, clean them delicately with small brushes and make them dry in the drying room we created in a old village house -> these mushrooms have a real İda soul :) --

Once the magic operated and that the new-born Vegan lahmacun and Pide came to life, we all agreed that Roka (Ruccola) was the green cheering up our mouth the most perfectly.

So we got there : the pink (and turkish!) version of lahmacun and pide (long shaped turkısh pizza) now exists :))))

Vegan, vejetaryan, all kind of good food eating people are thus welcome to try these new vegan items - you will not regret it !


[photo credits go to http://www.onearabvegan.com/]